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• Elevate your life

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• & make an Impact

A 5-Day Challenge

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If you are a professional woman, an entrepreneur or an executive, this is for you!

You will experience a mindset shift so powerful it will make you see your own missing link in your puzzle of greatness.

I am a self-made millionaire++ entrepreneur. An author, a professor and a mentor, leading the way as a global life and business strategist with the BAL Method I created two years ago to empower women and create great leaders!

The Believe-Act-Lead (BAL) is a transformational journey to help you create wealth, make an impact, and become an influential figure while being fulfilled and rising as an inspiring leader.

After my PhD from Harvard University, I spent 20 years as an economic, financial and social strategist.

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 most influential women in the world, my mission today is to pave the way for women to dream big, to create millions and make a sustainable impact.

In this exclusive 5 day Masterclass, you get to interact with me, be mentored by me, so that you can unleash the leader in you and design your dream life!

Are you Ready to POWER-UP and unlock the sequence of Believe Act Lead and Rise like Phoenix?


Day 1 —Elevate your Life

3pm GMT+1 | 6pm DUBAI | 9am EST

Day 2 —Create your plan

3pm GMT+1 | 6pm DUBAI | 9am EST

Day 3 —Make an Impact

3pm GMT+1 | 6pm DUBAI | 9am EST

Day 4 —Self-leadership
3pm GMT+1 | 6pm DUBAI | 9am EST

Day 5 —Let's Rise

5pm GMT+1 | 9pm DUBAI | 12pm EST

Bonus —Q&A

3pm GMT+1 | 6pm DUBAI | 9am EST


"Thank you so much Doctor Hynd!

I wouldn't have emerged if you didn't unlock my success. You have brought the best in me Dr. Hynd and I want to say thank you for all the empowerment sessions, mails and calls.❤️"

"Dear Doctor Hynd,

Thank you for today's inspiration, I feel so much energy!!😍"

"I am very grateful to God for bringng you into my life.

You were the one who helped me get on track. I have been dealing with scars from childhood that got in my way⭐️."

"Dr. Hynd has been a person I have looked up to since my university days, when she was my finance professor. Today, I owe her a lot! After taking her leadership masterclass in September 2021, my whole perspective changed. Dr. Hynd has empowered me to dream big a go after my dreams. If you are wondering whether you should do the masterclass, don't anymore! Just do it! It will change your life like it changed mine🙏🏻!"

"Following your program and your master class has just given me the clarity I needed to have a set direction towards my goals. It is so motivating to define your purpose and goals. So glad to cross path with you for something so big and very important to me. Thank you Hynd for the time you dedicate and guidance you give out. Empowering women is real with Hynd❤️!"

"Amazing and life changing experience ! Hynd takes you by the hand, or rather by the heart, to lead you towards the path of success. Her method is a mix between love, positive vibes and specific guidance✨."

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